Xtrem H07RN-F

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H07RN-F cables are designed to supply power to low voltage appliances including electric motors and submersible pumps in deep water installations as well as many other types of electrical equipment. Thanks to its extraordinary flexibiilty and mechanical strength, the Xtrem H07RN-F cable is ideal for power transmission in both fixed installation or mobile service.

The cable has been manufactured using compounds which have much better behaviour than the ones specified in the standards; which makes the H07RN-F cable multi-purpose. Nominal voltage up to 1000 V possible thanks to the high dielectric properties of the insulation material (according to HD 516)

Construction Details
Electrolytic coppel class 5 or 6 (flexible), based on EN 6022
Thermosetting rubber (type E14)
1 X Natural
2 X Brown + Blue
3 G Brown + Blue + Yellow/green
4 G Brown + Black + Grey + Yellow/green
5 G Brown + Black + Grey + Blue + Yellow/green
6 G or more Black numbered + Yellow/green
Outer sheath
Thermosetting rubber (type EM2). Black colour
Application Standards
Standards EN-50525-2-21
IEC 60245
Can be permanently submerged
Voltage Rate 450/750v and 0,6/1 kV (DN-F) Suitable for mobile installations up to lkV.
Conductor 90°C Higher current capacity and better for dealing with peaks
Maximum Temperature Surface 75°C Xtrem is suitable for use in hot environmental conditions (heavy industries, ...)
Minimum Working -40°C Xtrem H07RN'F is suitable for use in cold enviroments
Maximum Short Circuit 250°C Better protection in short-circuit temperature circumstances
Presence of water AD8, permanent Deep water certified. Permanent submersion in water.
Suitable for powering submerged pumps
Drinking water Certified Adequate and certified for drink water
Conductor flexibility Class 6 for 185 mm and higher lmproved Flexibility in all cross-section
Torsion Torsion Resistant Torsion tested for windmill application
Cable Performance    

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