PVC-Insulated Cables

450/750V Single-Core PVC Insulated, Non-Sheathed Cable CU/PVC

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This cable is used in light fitting, and in switching and control equipment. It can be installed in conduit, in cable trunking and on cable trays.

Construction Details

Voltage rating 450/750V
Construction Plain annealed copper, PVC insulated cable
Insulation Colour Brown, Black, Grey, Blue, Green/Yellow or as per order
Specification SS358-3, BS6004, IEC60227-3

Bruflex Y-JZ/-OZ

Flexible control cable - VDE approval with manufacturing control to VDE Reg. No. 7507

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Electrical and technical specifications

Rated voltage Uo/U 300/500V
Test voltage 4000 V
Insulation resistance at +20°C ≥20 MOhm X km
Bending radius 15 X cable diameter
Temperature range Flexible: -5°C to +70°C
Stationary: -30°C to +70°C
Flame Retardancy IEC60332-1

Used as energy or connecting cable or as measuring and control cable in machine tool manufacturing, plant engineering and on assembly and production lines.
Suitable for stationary installation or flexible applications with unrestricted mobility without forced movement control and without exposure to tensile load. Installation in dry, damp and wet environments.

When used for outdoor applications, adequate protection against direct exposure to sunlight must be ensured and the specified temperature limits must be observed.

Construction Details

Voltage rating 450/750V
Construction Stranded bare Cu conductor, fine wire
Core insulation Special PVC
Core identification Black cores with printed consecutive number coding with green-yellow protective conductor (3 cores and over) in the outer layer
OZ without protective conductor
Core Twisted in layers with optimal lay lengths
Outer sheath Special PVC
Sheath colour RAL 7001 grey
Specification Strand structure to VDE 0295, class 5

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