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JJ Buffetware is a family-owned business with many years of experience in the hospitality business. They are a well-established designer and manufacturer of buffet and display mirrors and accessories.

They specialize in conceptualizing, designing and developing creative standard and custom-made, mirror-glass products. JJ’s mirrors are made from premium-quality tempered mirror-glass, elegantly designed, shaped and polished to enhance your food presentation to perfection.

Buffet Mirrors

Buffet mirrors are made of highest quality grey-tinted tempered mirror-glass and are strengthened, along its edges, with stainless steel trimming. The base of each mirror is scratch-resistant and supported by stainless steel studs for easy handling.

Product Part No
Rectangular 53 x 32cm (1/1 GN) 11101
Rectangular 53 x 65cm (2/1 GN) 11102
Octagonal 53 x 53cm 11104
Octagonal 53 x 80cm 11105

Display Mirrors

Display mirrors are made of tempered mirror glass, polished and shaped to perfection. The base is scratch-resistant and supported by stainless steel studs for easy handling. The smaller sizes are very suitable for presentation on a table or in a (cooled) showcase.

Product Product Code
Shaped 53 x 32cm (1/1 GN) 11108
Shaped 53 x 65cm (2/1 GN) 11109
Round 35cm 11106
Round 50cm 11107

Display Set

These attractive Display Sets, vertical or slanting, can hold 4 Display Mirrors each. The base of the Display Set pole can be fitted with a larger Shaped Display Mirror that is 53cm x 65cm (2/1 GN), to increase the amount of food to be displayed.

Product Product Code
Vertical Set 19111
Slanting Display Set 19110


A creatively designed Combi-Base 30-15cm allows various sizes of mirrors to be positioned in a step or spiral formation to enhance your presentation.

It is made of a durable synthetic material and equipped with rubber caps. It is easy to clean and (dis)assemble. The design is suitable for a combination display of round and shape display (1/1 GN) mirrors as well as rectangular (1/1 GN) and octagonal 53 x 53cm buffet mirrors

Product Product Code
Combi-base 30-15 34133

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