Betalux™ Signs

We are the Authorised Representative of Betalight B.V. for the marine, oil and gas industries, marketing a wide range of self-illuminated signs powered by Tritium for multi-purpose applications.

Product range includes:
• Self-illuminated offshore Fire Safety signs
• Self-illuminated Betalux™ Multi-purpose signs
• Self-illuminated Route and Defile markers
• Self-illuminated Equipment markers

Betalux™ signs require no electricity to operate, no ugly cables along the walls and keep emitting light where all other emergency lighting quits!

Betalux™ signs are suitable for swimming pools, escape routes on board of ships, offshore platforms, in trains, petrochemical industry, alongside motorways and in tunnels.

Products Compliances:
• NPFA Life Safety Code 10, LA, Ca, OSHA, NRC, UL 924
• UK Ministry of Defence Standard 62/4
• NEN 6088, NEN-EN1838, ANS N540,
• Canadian Coast Guard, tested by TNO

Product approvals include : ULI, LRS, DNV, USCG

Manufacturer’s Quality System : ISO 9001:2008


No need for Electrical Outlet

They always give light during their life expectancy of 15 years. You save on expensive cables, easy to apply in existing buildings. No cutting or breaking to supply with electricity. Ideal for monumental buildings.

No need for Electricity

You save considerably on your electricity bill. A better energy saver you cannot find. For that reason they have been used in aeroplanes for decades.

Maintenance Free

Easy mounting, attach to the wall or ceiling: finished! No regular replacement of lamps and batteries. No possibility of defective electronics. No complicated self-test systems.

Explosion Safe

No electrical components, no ignition circuits. Ideal for applying in explosion danger surroundings such as drilling platforms, refineries and petrol stations.

Water Resistant

Due to the lack of electrical components Betalux TM signs can be applied in humid areas. If necessary even under water! But also in tunnels and along motorways.

Temperature Resistant

The function is not affected by temperature variations. Temperature range between -60°C and +80°C. So very suitable for application in e.g. refrigeration cells.

Vibration Resistant

Very suitable for application in ships, engine rooms and aeroplanes.


Causes no EMC interferences (think of pacemakers and hearing aids!) and are also not sensitive to EMC interferences from outside. Ideal for use in hospitals and on board aeroplanes.

Manufactured under ISO 9001

Comply with many regulations amongst which: NEN 6088; NEN-EN 1838; BS-5499 part 2; ANS N540; NFPA Life Safety Code 101 and Directive 92/58 EEG, are UL-listed and permitted by US-NRC and the Ministry of VROM reg. SAS/2001144917 nr. I.A.9.

Absolute Reliability
Ideal for Hazardous environment
Multi-purpose legend

Easily change in-situ

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